Anyone who uses Google rating stars can achieve better click rates and more visibility in search engine results. This guest blog by Bastian Sens describes how you can integrate a performance-boosting, eye-catching graphic into your website.

10 comments Bastian Sens 05/19/2016

Would you like to display your customer satisfaction ratings in emails too? In this tutorial we'll show you how you can add a rating seal to your email signature in four easy steps.

6 comments Vesna Lucic 03/31/2016

How do attract more visitors and increase visibility of your rating profile in search engines.

2 comments Andrea Wieczorek 09/09/2015

Unique content attracts search engines - find out more information here. The third SEO tip for better visibility for your rating profile - organic content.

4 comments Andrea Wieczorek 08/26/2015

Four basic search engine optimization rules for enhancing your rating profile visibility – Part 2: Link building

2 comments Andrea Wieczorek 08/06/2015

Four SEO tips to make your ProvenExpert profile more visible on the Internet – Part 1: Keywords

4 comments Andrea Wieczorek 07/22/2015

What is an API, how can I integrate it and what can it do for me? Our quick introduction gives you all the answers.

2 comments Thomas Kroehs 09/17/2014

Publish your survey directly to your Facebook page with the free Facebook app. Our tutorial shows you how easy it is.

18 comments Remo Fyda 07/29/2014

Find out a list of simple ways to collect customer feedback and which one is best for your needs.

32 comments Klaus Fischer 06/04/2014

Customize your survey questions and find out exactly what your customers want.

0 comments Cynthia Ruttkowski 04/09/2014

Start your first customer survey in less than minute with our quick start tutorial

2 comments Cynthia Ruttkowski 04/02/2014
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