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Integrate your Google seller ratings into your WordPress website in just three steps

2 comments Leon Böhmer-Bärtels 12/21/2017

This is how to turn negative feedback into a real trust booster

218 comments Luise Kluge 11/30/2017

Stand out from the crowd with customer satisfaction ratings on Facebook. In this tutorial we'll show you how easy it is to integrate the rating widget on your Facebook page.

18 comments Vesna Lucic 08/11/2016

Anyone who uses Google rating stars can achieve better click rates and more visibility in search engine results. This guest blog by Bastian Sens describes how you can integrate a performance-boosting, eye-catching graphic into your website.

174 comments Bastian Sens 05/19/2016

Would you like to display your customer satisfaction ratings in emails too? In this tutorial we'll show you how you can add a rating seal to your email signature in four easy steps.

6 comments Vesna Lucic 03/31/2016

How do attract more visitors and increase visibility of your rating profile in search engines.

2 comments Andrea Wieczorek 09/09/2015

Unique content attracts search engines - find out more information here. The third SEO tip for better visibility for your rating profile - organic content.

4 comments Andrea Wieczorek 08/26/2015

Four basic search engine optimization rules for enhancing your rating profile visibility – Part 2: Link building

28 comments Andrea Wieczorek 08/06/2015

Four SEO tips to make your ProvenExpert profile more visible on the Internet – Part 1: Keywords

4 comments Andrea Wieczorek 07/22/2015

What is an API, how can I integrate it and what can it do for me? Our quick introduction gives you all the answers.

2 comments Thomas Kroehs 09/17/2014

Publish your survey directly to your Facebook page with the free Facebook app. Our tutorial shows you how easy it is.

34 comments Remo Fyda 07/29/2014

Find out a list of simple ways to collect customer feedback and which one is best for your needs.

20 comments Klaus Fischer 06/04/2014

Customize your survey questions and find out exactly what your customers want.

0 comments Cynthia Ruttkowski 04/09/2014

Start your first customer survey in less than minute with our quick start tutorial

2 comments Cynthia Ruttkowski 04/02/2014
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