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Sanitätshaus Kniesche GmbH ...
... offers a professional service.
... enables set goals to be achieved.
... provides custom-tailored solutions.
... gets optimal results from a given situation.
... finds creative solutions.
I am on the whole happy with the service.
The results fulfill all requirements.
The services provided have resulted in long-term positive outcomes.
I would use the services of Sanitätshaus Kniesche GmbH again.
Sanitätshaus Kniesche GmbH ...
... comprehensively analyzes the starting situation and care options.
... provides detailed information regarding reports, options and risks.
... offers care according to modern, accepted methods.
... offers adequate and continuous healthcare.
… recommends options and medication appropriate to the patient's needs.
Needs, questions and fears are met with empathy.
Concerns are taken seriously and problems are solved as they arise.
Sanitätshaus Kniesche GmbH ...
... understands the client's requests and expectations.
... responds to individual requests and needs.
... raises awareness of new perspectives and aspects.
... evaluates the course of development realistically (e.g. chances & risks).
... makes statements that are supported by verifiable information sources.
... is open and clear in terms of communication.
... provides clear and verifiable explanations.
... can clearly present complex information.
... bases recommendations on helpful facts.
Sanitätshaus Kniesche GmbH ...
... offers a comprehensive service.
... offers up-to-date solutions.
... is competent and experienced.
... takes all relevant conditions (e.g. legal requirements, standards) into account.
... is dedicated and focused.
... is reliable, reputable and friendly.
... acts appreciative and attentive.
... encourages me not to postpone making important decisions.
... uses helpful personal contacts to ensure the success of the project.
Service on offer
The services provided matched the description.
Product quality fulfills all expectations.
Prices are reasonable.
An ample range of options is provided.
Availability is guaranteed during the purchase.
Customer requests are accommodated.
Interesting additional services are offered.
I am on the whole happy with the service.
I would use the services of Sanitätshaus Kniesche GmbH again.
Sanitätshaus Kniesche GmbH ...
... provides helpful information and action recommendations.
... develops and pursues appropriate solutions.
... makes it easier to implement decisions and measures.
...ensures better performance for the same or lower expenditures.
... enables me to cut costs without compromising performance.
... ensures efficient use of available time and means.
... fulfills services within the expected time period.
... is reliable in keeping to pre-arranged appointments.
... ensures that project discussions remain confidential.
... provides services above and beyond what is expected.
Überleitung bedeutet in diesem Zusammenhang die Überleitung von der Klinik in den häuslichen Bereich.
Die Zusammenarbeit der Klinik mit Sanitätshaus Kniesche GmbH erfolgt problemlos.
Die Abstimmung der zeitlichen Abläufe zwischen Klinikaufenthalt und Entlassung erfolgt reibungslos.
Die Verfügbarkeit von Versorgungs-Produkten ist zufriedenstellend.
Sanitätshaus Kniesche GmbH ...
... fulfills services within the expected time period.
... meets agreed-upon deadlines.
... works within the agreed-upon budget.
... is motivated and goal-oriented.
... takes care of the job with the utmost diligence.
... monitors project progress reliably.
... is flexible with regards to potential changes.
… is friendly, respectful and courteous.
... is reliable, reputable and friendly.
... is dedicated and focused.
... monitor customer satisfaction.
... respond to individual requests.
... provide personalized support.
Privacy and personal space are always guaranteed.
Broad security measures are implemented at all times.
The facility location is quiet and pleasant.
Equipment and furnishings are modern.
The premises are comfortable and attractive.
Living quarters can be customized.
The building is easily accessed via public transport.
There are sufficient parking facilities available near the facility.
Customer service
Sanitätshaus Kniesche GmbH ...
...responds to queries promptly.
... remains approachable after the service has been completed.
... also offer appointments outside of normal business hours.
Business hours are convenient.
Waiting times for appointments are reasonable.
Business premises are suitable.
Furnishings are suitable.
The location is easily accessed via public transport.
There are sufficient parking facilities available.
Business premises and the entrance are barrier-free.
The location is attractive.
The area is appealing.
Accessibility is good (e.g. with car, bicycle or on foot).
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