Frequently asked questions and answers

The ProvenExpert FAQs offer quick help and information about ProvenExpert.

Questions about
What is ProvenExpert?
What is the ProvenExpert Enterprise Solution?
How can I use ProvenExpert?
What does Proven Expert cost?
Is my data safe?
Your ProvenExpert profile
How do I get to my profile?
What's the difference between the company profile and the expert profile?
How can I change my profile type?
How can I change my profile name?
How can I change my email address?
How do I change my password?
How can I create a new password if I forgot mine?
Why can't I change my field of activity?
How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter and notifications?
How can I delete my account?
Why can't I see any ratings on my profile?
Why can't I see older ratings on my profile?
Can my profile be found by search engines?
Customer surveys
Can I delete surveys?
I deleted a survey by accident. What can I do?
Where can I find the access code to a survey?
What are top competencies and how are they determined?
Can I formulate my own questions?
Can I change the topic of my survey?
Can I edit the invitation text or salutation of my survey?
Customer feedback and ratings
How do I get customer feedback and reviews?
What is rating aggregation?
Which reviews can I aggregate?
What is an API and what can it do for me?
Where do I find the API Key?
Who can evaluate me?
Can one person rate me more than once?
Will all my reviews be made public?
Can reviews be deleted?
How can I report a review?
How do I handle negative reviews?
Can I correct spelling mistakes in a review?
When will the star rating appear in my Google profile?
Can Google star ratings also appear for my website?
Why are my Google stars on my homepage not displayed correctly by the rich snippet
Rating seals
What is the ProvenExpert rating seal?
Why is the rating seal a plus for me?
How can I embed the rating seal?
Why are stars, overall grade, and recommendation quote missing from my seal?
PRO Seal - What are the advantages?
Why can the PRO Seal only be used with a public profile?
ProvenExpert Seal or PRO Seal - which one should I use?
Why do you give out these awards?
How often are the awards given out?
What do service providers who win an award get?
Are the awards permanent in case they were not reached another time?
What are the benefits of winning an award?
Why haven't I received an award?
Can I buy stickers?
Plans and terms
What is the minimum term?
Can I switch between plans?
How does invoicing take place?
Can I cancel at any time?
How can I cancel?
Affiliate program and recommendations
What is the ProvenExpert Affiliate Program?
How can I recommend ProvenExpert and what are my benefits?
Who can become ProvenExpert-Partner?
Where do I see my earned commission?
When will my commissions be disbursed?
Support and feedback
How can I contact your support?
Where can I send my suggestions for improvement?

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