Hotel Restaurant Wagrainerhof

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Hotel Restaurant Wagrainerhof ...
… creates a good general impression.
... offers genuine hospitality.
… creates a great overall experience.
... offers a professional service.
All my expectations were fulfilled.
I like the atmosphere.
I feel at home here.
I felt comfortable around the other guests.
I am on the whole happy with Hotel Restaurant Wagrainerhof.
I would gladly stay here again.
The accommodation is in good condition.
I was happy with my room.
I was happy with my bed.
The bathroom was in good condition.
The premises and facilities are appealing.
Leaves an overall clean impression.
It was possible to find quiet at all times of the day.
I found enough privacy during my stay.
The room temperature was pleasant.
The accommodation is family friendly.
Premises and the entrance are barrier-free.