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I am working in Istanbul / Sisli region at my own clinic, where the central part of city. In my 20 years of professional life, I have been interested in rhinoplasty and performed over 3000 nasal surgeries. You can find my 52 scientific articles and 6 medical book chapters published on my website too.

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Seckin Ulusoy
Quasar Tower, Büyükdere Cad. No 76
34394 Istanbul

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Prof. Dr. Seçkin Ulusoy

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Dr ulusoy seemed knowledgeable until I had my surgery ,at the day of surgery right before going into the operating room his nurse Ibrahim brought me a stack of documents to sign and that’s when I got kind of suspicious ,the same documents you’ve probably signed yourself if you’ve used the same doctor, I almost left the hospital and wish I had so I asked him to give a moment to go through those documents and took pictures of it all, 15 minutes later the Dr showed up and that’s when we had a conversation and he assured me that everything will be fine and said “trust me” then my journey starts ,the second I woke up as I was still under the influence of anesthesia and could barley even speak I was bleeding through my nose and I shouted what are y’all looking at can you do something then a guy comes at me bitting on his tongue with aggression when another nurse had to calm him down saying “what are you doing he’s not fully awake and he needs help” then he left the room and I was told later that he was the anesthesiologist, then I was moved to another room and the second I was able to get on my feet and go to the bathroom I looked in the mirror and I noticed that the splint inside my nose wasn’t placed correctly one nostril looked wider than the other and one of the pieces he placed inside my nostrils was laying flat while the other was placed vertically which pushed against the septum and made it curve to the side so I quickly took pictures and sent it to the doctor asking him why is it looking like this and if he could come ,he said he had a surgery in the morning then he’ll come by to check ,the nurse showed up in the afternoon and he realized that something went wrong but didn’t make any comments so he removed the two plastic pieces with rubes from my nostrils and showed me how to care for and clean my nose ,then I head back to the hotel still recovering from anesthesia and pain medicine then I looked in the mirror again and noticed the cast was a little off not lined up so I took a picture and sent it to the doctor and he said it was ok then I noticed that part of the cartilage was showing inside my nostrils ,took pictures and sent it to him and he also said it was ok, day 7 removed the cast and splint from my nose I was so swollen couldn’t even recognize me and of course the doctor assured me that it’s only day 7 and things will get better by time ,I had to leave Istanbul the next day ,8 weeks later as the swelling started to go down I could feel and see the lines where he made the cuts what he called osteotomy lines but I was still swollen ,at three months as the swelling had subsided more I’ve developed a bone lump in my upper left part (left side nose bridge) near the eye and that’s when I got really concerned as it caused so much pressure until this day and the whole left side was dented way more than the right side except the tip was protruding more than the other side ,so I made a Video and sent it to the doctor but again he said it’s ok and to wait for the swelling to go down ,at month 5 my nose tip finally showed up left side more bumpy and bigger than the right side and so are my nostrils one opening bigger than the other and that’s when we had a zoom meeting to address all these issues ,but again he said it was ok and assured me it’ll get better by time ,at month 6 I was rushed to the emergency room for lack of breathing ,so I sent him a message and he said may be I was sick and suggested to see an ENT doctor, I was diagnosed with a deviated septum and turbinate hypertrophy with severe nasal congestion ,so I sent the doctor’s report to him and his nurse, he didn’t want to acknowledge it first but when I wrote a review the tone has changed and I was offered a revision only if I delete it .
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Seckin Ulusoy
5.00 out of 5
I would like to recommend Prof. Doctor Seckin Ulusoy for a nosejob /rhinoplasty and explain to you how to get a great result the way I did. Doctor Seckin is among the best top 5 surgeons Turkey, and Istanbul Turkey is probably the number one destination for nosejobs in the world.
So we are talking a professor specialist at the top of his discipline. His Instagram is the biggest I have seen and I have seen some famous doctors liking his posts/results.
Dr. Seckin also checks the other main requirements – to be ENT doctor, to be doing exclusively nosejobs/rhinoplasties and to be running his own medical practice – i.e he is the boss of his rhinoplasty clinic which means he has interest to give you a good result because you being satisfied as a patient is very important for his reputation.
Another requirement of mine was that the surgeon is doing operations often – every week.
It is important to say that you should definitely travel to another place like Istanbul since you are going to travel anyway with any doctor you choose. As I explain later your Istanbul stay is actually going to be more like a great holiday.
Prices in Turkey are much better than nose job prices in the US or western Europe. The difference can be huge. On top of that you get top surgeon and a great vacation in Istanbul. Travelling to Turkey was really no brainer for me.
The doctor performs both female and male rhinoplasties
How to perform the consultation to explain to the doctor what is it you want ?
First of all If you speak good English or Turkish you are ok. If your English is weak or non-existent you should hire translator who would help you with the consultation. You mostly need the translator for the pre-operation consultation and then likely for your post – operation consultations – as needed per doctor instructions. You can easily hire a Turkish or English speaker on the Internet who could join your Whatsapp live session with the doctor. ( They also use other apps and you can email, screenshare if needed ).
You don’t have to wait much for consultation. Ask his assistants for a consultation and they will give a slot. More about that below.
The pre-operation consultation:
Before contacting the doctor first go to his Instagram and find 2 – 3 results which you like. Also take a high quality picture of your front and side profile and possibly your angle view from both sides ( 40 degrees picture )
You have two options:
1)Perform pre-op consultation fully online, then schedule the operation and arrive 3 -4 days before the scheduled operation date, where you could meet the doctor in person if you need to. Now in my case I chose this option because I wanted to meet the doctor in person to see if he is a friendly positive person. This obviously is the main reason many people want to see the doctor in person first. However Doctor Seckin Ulusoy is indeed very friendly and positive – during all the 5 -6 times I met them. He might ask you things about his country and is generally very relaxed person. When I met him I asked him immediately “Can you fix my nose” He replied “Of course. This is what we do”. There was no hesitation in his voice. You know that you have come to a confident professional who loves what he is doing.
2) you can make an in person visit in Istanbul for consultation and then return again to Istanbul again for the operation . This is what I did but knowing what I know now, I would have gone for option and saved myself the first flight.

How to communicate the result you want:
The best way to explain what is it you want – is to select 2 - 3 results from his Instagram and show them to him. Also write down some of the questions you have, for example can you make it shorter here, or less wide there. The terms are nose bridge, nose tip, nostrils , alarbase – this is the lower part of nostrils, columella is the thing that separates the nostrils and extends to the lip. But you don’t even have to know these things. In fact the doctor is so good – he probably knows better than you what is it you need. For example females need more curved bridge, med need it more straight.
It is a waste of time to do your own morphs too much. Just send him the pictures or go to his office where he will take them. He will show you what he can do for you. If you want something he cannot do , he will tell you.
The main point is to communicate which points are bothering you. Once you know he understood the points – you are ready to go.
What should know that doctors at the level of Seckin Ulusoy can take your nose and pretty much change it dramatically. For example if you look at the Instagram you can see results where the tip/alarbase area look completely different in the after picture compared to the before picture. These details are understood by the doctor better than yourself and you can expect a real upgrade of your nose.
If you are newbie best is to book an online consultation for 10 – 15 mins get answers to your questions. Then maybe schedule another consultation with your new questions. For me it took me 3 consultations, First in Person for 30 mins in Istanbul, then after about 3 weeks another online consult for 10 mins online, then again about 30 mins in person – 2 days before the operation itself.
Make sure to write down your questions before each consultation as you don’t want to be wasting the doctor’s time. Surgeons have to concentrate deeply and apply extra care in their jobs so you have to be respectful, sharp and not wasting time, during your consultations.

The Price:
Prices in Turkey vary between 3 000 to 7 000 eur for rhinoplasties. Once you have communicated to your doctor what you want and depending on the complexity you will be quoted a price. Primary or secondary prices can also vary.

Arriving in Istanbul :

They have an option for you to taxi you around so you don’t have to deal with taxies. The option also includes a stay in Rawada hotel near the Nurol Tower where the clinic office is. It is about 750 EUR. That hotel is central but I didn’t take it because it is on a busy street.
I did not take that option and taxied myself around from Istanbul airport it is very safe to take taxi to Istanbul center ( about 20 eur ). I stayed at a Hotel 38. It is 2 killometers away from the clinic but the location I liked better due to being right next to many shops. There is more hotels in the area and if you take hotel on make sure the hotel has at 100 reviews and has 85 percent positive reviews which you can read. I would have taken another hotel near the Bosporus with sea views but I did not have time to check for more hotels. On google maps you can check the traffic situation as some streets will be busy during certain times. This is central Istanbul.
Make sure to carry your passport everywhere with you.
You have 1 or 2 consultations depending on how you agreed with doctor’s assistants, you go to the clinic. Or you could have your final consultation right before the operation. The doctor will visit you in your hospital room before the operation.
1 or 2 days before the operations the assistants will take you to the Hospital to take blood tests, heart test and x-ray. These are checks for the anesthesia.
You have to not eat or drink for at least 7 hours prior operation – this is to avoid medical complications in your lungs. It is important to follow this guide.
The Hospital itself is big and very high standard and on operation date you will be booked in a room for about 24 hours. It is really one of the best Hospitals you have seen. Set the right temperature you want once in the room.
The Operation day is short because you go to sleep shortly after you are taken to the operation room. In my case I wish I was wearing socks because I can get a cold easily.
You awake in few hours feeling sleepy and you are taken back to your hospital room where local nurses will help you putting Ice on your eyes as needed. The nurses also have to detach you from the vein system, if you need to go to the bathroom. Or they can give system to pee in the bed , but boy I am glad I did not have to deal with that. I ended up asking the nurses 2 or 3 times to detach me.
Right after the anesthesia in my room I had big urge to sit up which I did because lying for several hours made my body kinda stiff and disoriented . You can sit up carefully not to unhook the vein system but for 10 hours you will need the nurse to unhook you if you wish to walk away from bed.
Within 15 hours a nurse from the doctor’s clinic will come to you and give you instructions how to take care of your nose. They will record videos of this on your phone which was tremendously helpful, and it is great they do that.
You mostly have to clean your nose in special way with q tips.
So after about 24 hours you are free to return to your hotel. Rest a day or two and can start exploring Istanbul.
Not many people care about this, but they will give you Cipro antibiotic to take for 5 days. You are free to follow the advice however there is another antibiotic I would prefer to take – it starts with A… can’t remember its name. As Cipro is not my first choice.
All antibiotics can also upset your stomach and make it harder to enjoy Istanbul. It might be possible to negotiate not taking the Antibiotic, but there is bigger risk of having to pay extra for any arising infections. And from my research these infections can be worrisome.
Istanbul turned out to be great holiday destination. People are welcoming. Istanbul feels high quality and is really 15 million place – so it has a sense of scale like not many places. I took the Metro to Taksim Square – where one of the main streets are – the one with the old tram. There is just so much quality food – like kebab, burgers ... see my full review on google results
Customer review & rating for:
Seckin Ulusoy
09/18/2021Toni S.
5.00 out of 5
Hi, I flew from Belgium to get septorhinoplasty and I would like to tell you about my experience with doctor Seckin Ulusoy. I was quite nervous to go to an other country to get this surgery. I have to say that every anxious feeling quickly changed upon meeting the doctor. He was kind and reassuring. He took the time to answer all of my questions. He questioned my wishes and checked in with my expectations. He made a simulation of my future nose and walked me through the whole process. I consider my self to be lucky to have my surgery done with dokter Seckin Ulusoy. Not only the dokter but the entire team have been incredibly kind and gentle with me. I mostly appreciate the follow ups I have received from each team member. I had a complex case with a lot of problem areas. Not only are my breathing problems fixed but I also love the aesthetic of my new nose. I would absolutely recommend! Kind regards. N
Customer review & rating for:
Seckin Ulusoy
5.00 out of 5
Dr. Ulusoy and his staff were so kind and professional through every step! I'm so glad I did the procedure and that Dr. Ulusoy and his team were the ones to do it :)
Customer review & rating for:
Seckin Ulusoy
06/14/2021melissa r.
5.00 out of 5
Dr. Ulusoy is not only an excellent surgeon, but a very kind and caring person. I had rhinoplasty last year and I am thrilled with my result.
Customer review & rating for:
Seckin Ulusoy
06/10/2021victoria s.
5.00 out of 5
I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Ulusoy for helping me. It goes without saying I would highly recommend him.
Customer review & rating for:
Seckin Ulusoy
06/08/2021maria h.
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