Review guidelines

Expert Systems AG runs, a platform that provides customers with the opportunity to give extensive and detailed feedback on products and services they've used. All reviews are welcome — as long as they're objective and fair. In order to guarantee the level of quality we've become known for, we require that all product and service reviews adhere to the following guidelines:

1. For your feedback to be valid, you must actually have used the product or service you're reviewing. When you submit a review or rating, you are stating that this is the case. Providing feedback on products or services that you have not actually used is expressly prohibited.

2. You have the option of providing personal details with your reviews or remaining anonymous. If you decide to provide your name with a review, bear in mind that it may be displayed on our website along with the review in question. However, providing false or misleading personal details with reviews is prohibited in all cases. Submitting reviews under a false identity is especially not permitted.

3. You grant Expert Systems AG the non-exclusive, worldwide, temporally, and textually unlimited rights to use and exploit the reviews you create. This also includes the rights to alter, duplicate, transmit, publish, and enhance your feedback, as well as the right to transfer the rights of use to third parties without entitlement to remuneration. The transfer of rights shall remain unaffected if this agreement is terminated for any reason.

4. You guarantee that you are authorized to grant the rights (see clause 3) concerning your submitted content, and that the copyrights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights of any third party are not violated in the process. Moreover, it is prohibited to post content that is defamatory in nature or that contains calls to violence, racist or sexist statements, propaganda, overt or covert advertising, or the personal details of third persons (in particular their name, telephone number, private address, email addresses, etc.) without having obtained their prior consent.

5. We retain the right to block or delete reviews at any time and without providing reason. This applies first and foremost when the principles provided in these guidelines have been violated.

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