Yvonne de Bark

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Your experience & review for: Yvonne de Bark - Wirke, wie du willst
Performance quality
Yvonne de Bark ...
... offers a professional service.
... finds creative solutions.
The knowledge I have acquired has long-term benefits.
I would use the services of Yvonne de Bark again.
Value / Content
Yvonne de Bark ...
... covers all important topics.
... ensures that the time available is used effectively.
... gives concrete examples of use cases.
Yvonne de Bark ...
... is competent and experienced.
... combines theory and practice in a skillful manner.
... is motivated and ambitious.
... is reliable, reputable and friendly.
... is conscientious and works with understanding.
Evaluation is objective and fair.
Yvonne de Bark ...
... presents the topics in an interesting and memorable fashion.
... raises awareness of new perspectives and aspects.
... oral statements are supported by verifiable information sources.
... is clear in terms of communication.
... can clearly explain complex information.
... ensures efficient time management.
The content of the program covers the topic.
The duration of the program is adequate for the topic.
The pace of learning is appropriate to the student's progress.
The level of difficulty is appropriate for the topic.
Yvonne de Bark ...
... covers the topic clearly and in a structured manner.
... applies helpful teaching and practice methods.
... encourages active participation and hands-on learning.
... provides a supportive atmosphere to learn and positive group dynamics.
... defines and achieves clear goals and requirements.
... is flexible to possible changes (e.g. alternative topics).
External conditions
Everything is well organized.
Provides helpful follow-up support.
The premises are suitable.
The equipment used (e.g. technical devices) is suitable.
What do you think of the price to performance ratio?
Would you recommend Yvonne de Bark?
Your personal experience
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