Internal survey : Insurance companies are exceptionally active in gathering customer reviews

  • Facebook (24%) and Google (16.3%) are aggregated most frequently by insurers in their ProvenExpert profiles
  • Response rate to rating requests at Barmenia, Schwenninger and others at 79% on average
  • The average rating among insurers and consultants is at 4.79 stars

Berlin, April 26, 2018. When insurance coverage, and thus security, is needed, people like to compare. However, potential customers don't wait too long to make a decision. On average 1-3 Search requests. What are people searching for? Remo Fyda, CEO of the rating marketing platform lists one decisive point: Those with insurance coverage live worry-free. This makes the empirical values of the others all the more interesting. Insurers and consultants are increasingly responding to this verifiable demand with more transparency by offering authentic customer ratings. Insurers and insurance service providers have bundled a total of 1,117,000 ratings on their ProvenExpert profiles - as shown by the results of an internal survey conducted by the rating platform. In this regard, for Barmenia, Schwenninger Krankenkasse, Swiss Life, Gothaer or VPV the number of customer ratings actively collected through survey templates is on average at 64%.

Rating portals: Where do insurance customers express their opinion?

When things start to get uncomfortable, people tend to demand more insurance coverage. The experiences that people have had may in fact be discussed on a number of different portals - people are talking about you, whether you like it or not. According to an internal survey, customers have been using Facebook (24%) and Google (16.3%) as an opinion forum especially. This is followed by KennstDuEinen (6%), (5%) and GoLocal (3%). All other external sources that are bundled on the profiles were below 2%. Those who have a clear overview and know who has written what, when and where about their services have the ability to respond professionally, and better yet - quickly! Always respond rationally, solution oriented and personally. This way, you come across as more accessible and trustworthy. Never try to justify yourself though, is the advise given by the rating expert Fyda.

Taking the initiative to ask is worth the effort: the response rate in the insurance industry is comparably high

The decisive factor whether a potential customer becomes a policyholder or not is the reputation that precedes you. The crux of it all: oftentimes people only leave a rating if they were not happy with something. Very rarely do customers communicate about successfully completed claims. Yet, now comes the chance you've been waiting for! According to an internal survey, insurers are increasingly taking advantage of the option to use industry-specific survey templates to obtain customer ratings of their satisfied customers. Just as an example, 829,000 rating invitations were sent to customers by insurers and consultants. The response rate is extremely high as compared to other industries, Fyda noted. Among self-employed consultants and agents, the rate was on average at 56%, for Barmenia, Schwenninger Krankenkasse, VPV and others, the on average as much as 79%.

Quality ratings: Satisfied insurance customers are happy to provide information

Even the quality of the responses is quite impressive! According to the survey, more than two thirds (67%) of the customers who gave a positive rating also wrote a review. Unsatisfied customers showed less of a need to provide constructive clarification. Just a mere 1% added a comment to their poor rating. Generally, the rating average among insurers and insurance service providers on ProvenExpert is at 4.79 stars (EXCELLENT).

Process optimization: having a lot of ratings pays off

Professional rating management is a powerful tool that allows you to effectively manage your image. According to an internal survey, for example, the recommendation rate among insurers, agents and consultants is on average at 98%. The share of actively collected ratings is more than twice as high for companies such as Barmenia, Schwenninger Health Insurance on others, for example, than for self-employed consultants and agents. This is where there is still quite a bit of potential that you really should utilize, says Fyda. His tip: Plan to use rating surveys among your satisfied customers as a fixed step in your workflow. This will pay off. Literally, because a good reputation is also great for your revenue.

About ProvenExpert

Together with Remo Fyda as CEO, has become one of the best-known online platforms for qualified customer feedback and review aggregation in the region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Since 2011, the referral marketing platform offers targeted industry surveys that companies can customize and use in a matter of minutes to start collecting feedback from customers. The surveys provide detailed insight into the needs of customers and their satisfaction levels, as well as helping to uncover new business potential. The resulting feedback can be easily used for online marketing purposes with ProvenExpert's rating seal and profile and combined with customer reviews from over 320 websites like Facebook, Google, and other platforms. More than 37,000 freelancers, entrepreneurs and large companies use's online surveys to collect customer feedback. As of 2017, the ProvenExpert platform is also available in English.


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