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With ProvenExpert, we can finally make the most of our generated feedback from all sources and publish it easily.
With the rating seal on our shop page, we were able to boost our conversion rate by more than 23%.
Torsten Schmelzer
Landfleischerei Schmelzer
We collect customer reviews to attract potential customers and generate new business.
Matthias Raisch
pareton GmbH
After placing the rating seal on our website, we've seen a 40% jump in new business.
Marco Nava
Our spectacular reviews on ProvenExpert.com have driven a lot of new traffic our way.
ProvenExpert makes collecting customer referrals and reviews a breeze.
Florian Schmidt
ProvenExpert's cost-performance ratio and personalised service are simply unbeatable.
Martin Schreib
Memento Trauerkarten
Our patients' testimonials are prominently featured on our website, where they build confidence!
Dr. med. Klöppel
Plastic surgeon
I've only been on ProvenExpert a short time, but my market presence and the number of people visiting my profile have been phenomenal.
Christine Carus
Coach & Speaker
The sheer versatility of ProvenExpert has completely won us over. Our reviews have helped us significantly boost our reach — even at the national level.
Frank Motejat
Thormann Group
Wo ich vorher 10 Feedbacks angefordert habe, habe ich nachher vielleicht drei bekommen. Und jetzt fordere ich 10 ein und kriege eher acht bis neun.
We ranked third in Google search results after just a few days thanks to our company profile.
Thomas Suchoweew
Makler Nachfolger Club e.V
The reviews we get from our repeat customers help us really stand out from the competition.
ProvenExpert makes it easy for my customers to leave feedback — there's no need for them to sign in to let me know what they think.
Martin Kämper
My customers like that they can evaluate me anonymously and in detail.
We're thrilled with how great the customer response has been and how easy the platform is to use.
Mirco & Manuel Sicca
Siccas Guitars
Zwei Sachen, die ich mit ProvenExpert verbinde: Reputationssteigerung und am Ende auch mehr Umsatz.
Chris Hortsch
chris and friends GbR
ProvenExpert's email template gets us a 30-40% response rate on all the invitations we send out!
René Seppeur
Space Wallet GbR
ProvenExpert is a first-class customer satisfaction analysis tool. It's intuitive and easy to use.
Dennis Klehr
bluepartner GmbH
With ProvenExpert, I get detailed feedback that is customised to my needs, and I can find out exactly what I need to know from my customers.
Valentin Peter
Berliner Assekuranz
Our customer feedback speaks for itself: a 100% recommendation­rate is even better than advertising.
Martin Seibel
Roofing trade expert
ProvenExpert.com helps me continuously optimise my overall image. My own ratings are transparent and clearly laid out, and I can easily set myself apart from the competition.
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