Review Platform ProvenExpert celebrates 50,000 expert profiles, almost doubling within one year

Berlin, November 21, 2018. Consumers place greater trust in customer reviews than in influencers. This is just one of the reasons why the market presence of review platform, active since 2013, continues to grow. As of this week, the Berlin-based firm has 50,000 company profiles. Online reviews have truly become part of our everyday lives, explains Remo Fyda, ProvenExpert CEO. Consumers no longer simply search – they want to find a reference point that confirms their expectations. At the same time, more and more companies have realized that customer reviews have a noticeable, positive influence on their revenue, says Remo. In turn, the demand for professional rating marketing tools has increased. Customer feedback is now no longer another customer support task, but a concrete component of any successful marketing strategy.

Numbers that speak for themselves

Almost 7 million reviews have been created by users with ProvenExpert. That's 3 million more than nine months ago, enthuses Remo. And aggregating all these companies has been worth it. More than 90,000 visitors search for customer reviews on ProvenExpert profiles each day. Of those, 400 are specific appointment and callback requests. Whether for a new car, insurance or the perfect location to celebrate a milestone birthday, 97% of consumers look for local businesses and service online. Recommendations from others play a huge role here, since we're all concerned about making the wrong decision, suggests ratings and reviews expert Remo.

Examples that say it all

Every company should use the voices of their satisfied customers. This opinion is shared by Matthias Schultze, MD for professional painter enterprise Heyse: Integrating customer reviews and ratings has paved the way for lots of new business for us. Not to use it would be simply reckless. Lars Georg Volkmann, Sales Director for VPV Life Insurance AG sees he advantage in using the power of customer feedback to set their business profile apart from competitors and increase their online visibility. Harald Lais, Managing Director at BNI Germany/Austria says that the use of customer ratings and reviews through ProvenExpert has enabled us to significantly boost the transparency and visibility of their company. Other firms such as Bauknecht, AVAG, SIXT, Hanseatic Bank and Heinz von Heiden have also harnessed the power of customer evaluation, with increased success as the result.

Major goals for 2019

Customers are now, almost as standard, asked their opinion to indicate their level of satisfaction – whether on transport, in a restaurant, and even in airport public toilets. The need to generate information by both end user and company is now greater than ever before. Our ratings expert is certain that: Next year we'll pass the 100,000 profile mark. That's because spontaneous online searches for information now form part of our everyday life. And professional ratings management tools offer the ideal solution for a clear overview and improved online presence. With us, you're always in the right place, at the right time – and this is crucial, because your online reputation greatly contributes to your success.

About ProvenExpert

Together with Remo Fyda as CEO, has become one of the best-known online platforms for qualified customer feedback and review aggregation in the region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Since 2011, the referral marketing platform offers targeted industry surveys that companies can customize and use in a matter of minutes to start collecting feedback from customers. The surveys provide detailed insight into the needs of customers and their satisfaction levels, as well as helping to uncover new business potential. The resulting feedback can be easily used for online marketing purposes with ProvenExpert's rating seal and profile and combined with customer reviews from over 370 websites like Facebook, Google, and other platforms. Over 50,000 freelancers, entrepreneurs and large companies use's online surveys to collect customer feedback.


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